Ilicia Z.
Andy did an amazing job on my nails. He was very detailed and nice! My friend got a pedicure too and she was very pleased! The inside is pretty cute too, we will be returning!
Bonn Baudelaire
I saw Kathy today and she did an amazing job on my nails. I expressed to her that a previous spa is been going to had filed my nails down so much to take off the polish or powder that my nails got really thin, so she was very delicate while filling off the gel to protect my natural nails. I will keep going to Kathy and this spa for my nails!
Kelsey Pettinato
I love this place! I will definitely be coming back! The gentleman who did my nails was so kind and is very detailed with his work. He also wasn’t afraid to spark up a conversation, which is something I really appreciate! I’m glad Flagstaff has a new nail salon we needed it!
Penelope Espinoza
66 Nail Salon always does an AMAZING job. I have come here twice now, and they have not messed up the shape nor design once. They will always have my business!!
victoria gardea
I absolutely love it here. My fiancé and I wanted to get him a pedicure and me a full set. It is our second time back and we absolutely love it. Andy does an amazing set of nails and Jennifer is a master of nail art. We love it here and will be returning in the future. Highly recommend!!!!
Liz M.
I was able to come back and get my nails done! I just had time for a pedicure last time, so today was my first time getting my finger nails done. I tend to be pretty particular about my hands and nails and how they look, so I was excited to get them done. Andy took me and gave me the nails I wanted! I asked for coffin shape, longer acrylic full set with French Ombre and crystals, and that's exactly what he gave me! I'm in love with how they look. Very friendly and high quality salon.
Liz M.
I just got to try this new nail spa, and they are awesome! I received a spa gel pedicure. The inside is lovely and feels luxurious and relaxing. Andy and Jennifer did my pedicure and I am very happy with the result. Even, well done polish and nails. They were extremely friendly as well. I will go back!